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Venetian Reflection: 40 years Stefano Nicolao Atelier

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40 years of history of Atelier Stefano Nicolao
40 years of history of Atelier Stefano Nicolao  Bild: Mario Bonesi - accredited photographer

Venezia [ENA] The beauty of her clothes is extraordinary, with the finishing touched to the smallest details. Clothes that have made the history of almost half a century of cinema and theater, international events. A part of the history of Venice is told by Stefano Nicolao.

High-class clothes made largely for the world of cinema and theater with an active and primary participation in many successful films made with highly successful actors. Obviously, there are many appearances in the great Italian and international theaters and in the historic Carnival of Venice. His Atelier has managed to give prestige to Italian manufacturing in the world.

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We reached maestro Stefano Nicolao, on the very day he wanted to celebrate his 40th anniversary of the birth of his he Atelier in Venice. A parade / story which was attended by numerous "extras" and guests of great prestige. The event that was held on the afternoon of Thursday 28 October in the noble halls of the Hotel Ca 'Sagredo, in Campo Santa Sofia in Venice, saw the master Nicolao as a narrator, with various "paintings" dedicated to different eras, that the world has crossed, with the clothes that Marco Polo wore, up to the present day by Linda Pani, Maria of the 2020 Carnival.

It was Venice that was the birthplace of maestro Stefano Nicolao on 25 March 1954. The same began his career as an actor. Later he became director of tailoring at the Teatro Stabile Friuli Venezia in Trieste. As a Freelance, in Venice, he works as a costume designer / filmmaker. In 1980 he founded the Cine-Theatrical costume tailor "Nicolao Atelier". Today his Atelier boasts a repertoire of over 15,000 costumes, all made with high quality fabrics for important cinematographic and theatrical productions. Since 2008, Stefano Nicolao has been teaching “Fashion Designer - Historical Cut at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

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In the coming months, "Nicolao Atelier" will present, in Venice, a series of exclusive events in fairytale locations, offering its sartorial masterpieces to make you relive exciting moments among frescoes and noble rooms, retracing the history of Venice, through the centuries. The lagoon city turns 1,600 this year (Venice 1600). According to tradition, March 5, 421 is usually recognized as the foundation day of the city of Venice and Stefano Nicolao's Atelier will be a prominent protagonist in the history of Venice.

Mario Bonesi and his assistant Giulia Urbinati, went to visit maestro Nicolao, at the Hotel Ca 'Sagredo, in Venice, on the day of the show and we let him tell us about the 40 years of his Atelier. Stefano Nicolao, is an extraordinarily courteous and kind person, he welcomed us with a smile. You can view the video on the “GidiferroTeam” YouTube channel at this link. In Italian language.

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