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Sunny mood in the middle of November

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Various locations in Vienna, 25.11.2021, 13:50 Uhr
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Various locations in Vienna [ENA] Going through the autumn blues is easier with the KlezMORE Festival, which gives every year to its visitors the sunny mood through joyful music, enthusiasm and optimism being spread by KlezMORE musicians. This year was an exception in comparison to the previous one. First, November blues was going hand in hand with the gold autumn which was especially bright, colorful, sunny, and mild during this year.

Second, because after a break caused by the restrictions imposed on the cultural life to limit the spread of the pandemic, during this November the KlezMORE festival could take place again. Due to the engagement and hard work of the leader of the festival Mr. Friedl Preisl it became possible to show the performances which were planned for the previous year, and even many more exiting events. The previous year was especially challenging and required a lot of flexibility, good mood, diligence, and strong nerves from the organizers of the festival to deal with all uncertainty and restrictions imposed by pandemic.

This year the program of the festival was even more diverse than during the previous years. The festival gave people what they need in turbulent times when fear and uncertainty is dominating in society and in the media landscape. It gave people hope, optimism and good mood. While talking to people during the breaks I found out that for many of them KlezMORE festival has a special meaning. For some it is joyful optimistic music and a possibility to celebrate the festival in the circle of friends. For others this is a way to celebrate their cultural identity or multicultural diversity.

All people to whom I was talking were united in their opinion that such festivals are very needed. And they are especially needed during challenging times, to give people strength and hope. KlezMORE festival is like the circles on the water when someone is throwing a stone and circles are spreading further and further. These are circles of good mood and optimism which reach visitors of the festival. And visitors of the festival, in their turn, are spreading this good mood further, at the streets, among family members and colleagues.

It is wonderful that there are groups of enthusiasts like the organizers of the KlezMORE festival. It is also wonderful that these people have strength to carry their ideas further despite everyday difficulties and challenges. So let us wish that KlezMORE festival will take place several further years. And let us wait again for the next November when various musical clubs, concert halls and musical locations will host again a diverse group of KlezMORE musicians.

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